1966 Corsa Coupe


1966 Corvair Corsa Coupe

I first learned of my 1966 Corsa Coupe through a classified ad in the CORSA Communique.  The car was offered for sale by Virgil VanDette, a former employee of the Corvair Ranch.  Virgil told me that this was a Florida car and he had purchased it because of its low mileage, good overall condition, and factory air conditioning.






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Virgil indicated that the car was originally Lemonwood Yellow but had been repainted by some previous owner in a “god-awful red”.  He also mentioned that the car had the rear antenna option.

Unfortunately, my wife insisted that one Corvair had to be sold before I could purchase Virgil’s.  I told Virgil that I was very interested, but that if someone else came along, he should let it go.  Little did I know that Scott Trunkhill happened to live in Virgil’s hometown of Evans, Georgia.

Scott maintains an excellent Corvair website known as “Corvair Central ”.  He purchased the Corvair before I could sell my ‘65 Corsa Coupe to make room in the garage.  Shortly after he brought it home, Scott took a series of detailed photographs of the car which I’ve included on this website.

To make a long story short, I later emailed Scott out of the blue and asked him if he’d accept an offer for the car.  I was happy when he said yes






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I took a cheapie flight down to look the car over.  Other than some rust on the front of the right, rear wheel well and some on the trunk floor, the rest of the car seemed solid.  And then there’s that factory air conditioning.  Unlike the disconnected A/C on my Monza convertible, the Corsa’s air conditioner blows nice and cold.  Scott and I struck a deal and I brought the car home in September, 2001.

Since purchasing the car, I reinstalled the rear grille inserts and put on a nice set of wire wheel covers I had been saving.  I’ve also decided to add many of the rare options available for ‘66 Corvairs.  I have already added an original AM/FM radio (which, with the A/C ductwork, was an incredibly tight fit).  I also found a pair of bucket seats with factory headrests on eBay .






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Future additions to the car will include a wood wheel and telescoping steering column.  After that, if I can get my hands on a quick-ratio steering box, I’ll be done.






Well, maybe not “done-done”.  At some point, I will also be attending to more mundane improvements including new springs.  I recently replaced the four carburetors with rebuilt ones from Grant Young, “The Carbmeister”.  I did this two days before Christmas, 2001.  It was my first significant repair job that I did myself (other than tune-ups and changing the oil).






As it turns out, I really don’t use the air-conditioning all that much since it adds about 75-100° to the cylinder head temperature.  Still, it’s nice to know that the car is one of 153 Corsas manufactured with factory air (as the “RR” suffix on the engine block attests).

Some time over the next five years, I’m also going to redo the entire interior and restore the cars color to its original Lemonwood


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Yellow.  Before painting, I’ll also get rid of




the rust mentioned above.  It may happen sooner, but I’ve either got to expand my business by a heckuva lot, or hit Powerball.  In the meantime, this car is an excellent driver.  I take it to work every day.






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