My Garage


It Should Actually Be “My Garages”.

Life took an ironic turn last winter when my wife found a new house for us to move into.  The house was built in three pieces starting in 1805 (we believe), continuing in 1839, and ending sometime last century.  In all of that construction, no one ever built a garage.  :(






As a result, yours truly, the proprietor of the Ideal Garage website, no longer has one.  My Corvairs are currently stored in two different offsite storage garages, although they’ll both be moved to the same place when a new slot opens up in the cheaper location.  Corvair owners are skinflints, right?

This deplorable situation will change permanently when we



This plaque is not attached to a garage.


build a real garage on our property.  First, however, we have to redo the roof, the main staircase, the living room, the get the picture.










Frost: A minor hazard of not having an Ideal Garage.











Anyway, herewith are my Corvairs.  I’ve also included some other Corvair content just for your amusement:







shows the two Corvairs I currently own, a 1965 Monza Convertible, and a 1966 Corsa Coupe, in their suboptimal storage facilities.












shows the Corvairs I have owned in the past but have since sold.












records the one, brief, shining moment, when I owned three Corvairs...






My children get a kick out of this page.  So do their grandmothers.











I still can’t believe this happened.











shows the original Ideal Garage at our old house (sniff) with my old Corvair (sniff).










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