Buying a Corvair?

Here’s Some Help

If you’re thinking about buying a Corvair, there are three things you should consider doing:



Download the Corvair Checklist – The button on the right will lead you to a copy of a questionnaire / checklist I compiled to help buyers look out for potential problem areas of Corvairs.

Click the graphic on the right to go to the Checklist area.  Once you’re there, follow the simple instructions to download the Corvair Questionnaire/Checklist.


Download the Corvair Pre-purchase Questionnaire / Checklist!








Join CORSA – CORSA is one of the best resources any Corvair owner or enthusiast could hope to have.  As if it wasn’t a good enough deal already, CORSA is offering $10.00 off new memberships through December 31, 2003.

Click the graphic on the right to join CORSA or just to learn more.


Join CORSA Now!










Join Virtual Vairs – If you are reading this web page, you are computer savvy enough to be able to tap into a phenomenal online resource known as Virtual Vairs.  “VV” members are a friendly and knowledgeable group with abundant Corvair know-how.  Most technical questions posted to VV (on a wide range of subjects) are typically answered within hours.  Best of all, it’s free!

Click the graphic on the right to open the VV “Membership Registration” window.  Once you’re there, just follow the simple instructions to join Virtual Vairs.


Join Virtual Vairs Now!








Before You Buy








If you are a prospective Corvair purchaser and are new to Corvairs, I would advise you to:

  • Answer as many ads as you can to see as many Corvairs as you can.
  • Ask as many questions of your fellow CORSA members as you can to learn as much as you can.
  • Attend as many Corvair shows as you can because, well, it’s fun.

Did I mention that you should join CORSA?








After You Buy








After you’ve bought your Corvair, get it out there and let others see it!  Drop us a line to let us know if the checklists were any help and send us a picture of your new car (in its garage, of course).  Most of all, enjoy it.

If the car you’ve purchased is quite a distance from your home, I have also put together a second checklist which discusses what to carry in your Corvair on long trips.  It can be found on the “Bringing Your New Corvair Home” page.  In addition to the trip checklist, there’s a discussion on Driving vs. Transporting your Corvair.