Fun Corvair Links

Fun Corvair Links





Ok, I’ll say it right up front: This is by no means a comprehensive set of Corvair-related links.  However, when it comes to Corvairs, I find these to be either the most useful or just the most plain fun of all the ones I’ve come across:






General Reference / Fun







  • The Corvair Project -- Unlike this dopey little links page, The Corvair Project (formerly known as Corvair Super Links) is THE place to go for a comprehensive set of Corvair-related links.  Whenever I’m looking for a link, I usually go here first...there are currently over 200!  An outstanding resource.
  • Corvair Phone Numbers -- This link is taken from the Automotive Yellow Pages.  It’s a little out of date, but it’s a fairly useful centralization of Corvair addresses and phone numbers (including the Cotrofelds’, which is maddeningly unavailable from directory assistance).
  • Photopoint (Corvair Pages) -- Photopoint is a sort of “big hard drive in the sky” that lets users post photos, artwork, etc.  The site is organized by topic and my link points to Photopoint’s Corvair area.  There’s a fair amount of Corvair clip-art posted there as well an amusing page full of Corvair vanity plates.
  • (January, 2002 Note: I realize that this company seems to have gone under.
    However, I’m leaving the link here in the hope that some other company picks up Photopoint’s assets and puts the service back online.)










Individual Sites







  • Gary Aubé’s Website -- For my money, this is the premier private website devoted to Corvairs.  I still haven’t made it all the way through the dizzying plethora of information available on this site.  Just to provide some perspective, The Ideal Garage website you’re reading has 127 web pages.  Gary’s site is four times as large with 400+ pages.  His sets the standard.
  • Rad Davis’ FC Primer -- I think it’s safe to say that everything I learned about forward control Corvairs has come from this site.  Extremely impressive.




New As of 3/17/2002: I was following another Corvair Link the other
day, and came across the rest of Rad Davis’s site.  Wow, and I thought
his FC Primer was extremely thorough!  Use
this link to see Rad’s main
page (i.e., go in through the front door).  While you’re there, be sure to
check out his “Informational Resources” link.  Great stuff.







  • Andrew Gurudata’s Corvair Pages -- It’s also safe to say that I’m a sucker for thoroughness.  “Guru’s” site is well-researched, informative, and thoughtfully laid out.
  • Kent Sullivan’s “Corvair Kid” Pages -- Kent Sullivan has a nicely laid out site devoted to a few topics that are different from many other Corvair sites.  These include scanned documents from Kent’s Corvair literature collection, a frame by frame presentation of a ground up restoration, and a few vehicle registries.










Buying or Selling a Corvair







  • CORSA Classifieds -- This is a link that I keep around because it allows you to go straight to the “For Sale” area of the CORSA site.  Going straight to this page allows you to avoid the slowdown required by the startup of the Java applet on the CORSA home page.
  • AdQuest -- This link leads to a page that contains numerous classified ads extracted from small weekly newspapers typical of many North American communities.  (I located my 1965 Corsa Coupe using this resource ... the ad had been placed by the car’s original owner!) Please note that the link will lead you to a fully formatted, Corvair-specific listing.
  • Collector Car Trader Online -- Similar to AdQuest, this link leads to a page containing numerous classified ads compiled from small weekly newspapers and grocery store “Car Trader”-type periodicals.  Collector Car Trader Online tends to return more listings than AdQuest, but they don’t do as good a job of “de-duping” their ads.  The link above leads to a fully formatted, Corvair-specific listing sorted by model year.
  • eBay -- Similar to AdQuest, this link will lead you to a fully formatted page of Corvair listings currently on eBay.  The query contains a filter which gets rid of all those annoying contemporary bicycles and sunglasses which also share the Corvair name.  The listing is sorted to show newly posted items first to allow you to avoid looking through stuff you’ve already seen.
  • The Ideal Garage -- In case you missed it, this site also contains a few resources for people looking to Buy a Corvair.  (In programming, referring to yourself in this manner is known as “recursion.”)










Corvair Parts Suppliers







  • Clark’s Corvair Parts -- Ok, ok, who doesn’t know where this website is?  Like many of the others in this section, it’s included here in the interest of being thorough.  For what it’s worth, I sometimes find it easier to locate parts using the “Search” feature on Clarks’ website rather than hunting through the catalog.
  • Corvair Underground -- Offerers of superlative “Super Kits”, an excellent newsletter, and indispensable advice.
  • Corvair Ranch -- This is a link to the Corvair Ranch’s NEW (as of 12/2003) website!  These guys are eminently honest, if not absolutely great.  Please see the visual tour of the Corvair Ranch on the Ideal Backyard page.
  • Southwest Corvair -- Mark is a great provider of rust-free, Arizona Corvair parts.
  • California Corvair Parts (a.k.a., Jeff’s Corvair Parts) -- If I’m providing value in only one place on this Links page, it’s to lead you to Jeff’s Corvair Parts.  Jeff is a good, honest guy.  I found him on eBay and he’s always treated me well.
  • Larry’s Corvair Parts -- I have gotten a lot of feedback recently about the excellent work Larry's Corvair Parts does in the area of rebuilding Corvair cylinder heads (and, in particular, staking the valve seats).  In addition to rebuilding work, Larry's does full restorations and sells parts.
  • Wolf Enterprises -- Grant Young is the standout rebuilder of our cars’ carburetors.  His prices are reasonable and his service is impeccable.  I bought four of his rebuilts and installed them myself with the help of his expert online assistance.